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Take a browse and a have a listen to some of George Stroud's latest work. His production music has been featured on TV across the world on channels such as BBC, ITV, CNN and Disney. He has also been fortunate to assist renowned film composer James Seymour Brett on a handful of his latest projects including a couple of feature films and a live arena show or two!


Panoramic Nature

Universal Production Music

Mixed in Abbey Road Studios, George was asked by Universal Production Music to write an album with sweeping, panoramic and expansive orchestra with lush orchestration and harmonies

Magical Moments.jpeg

Magical Moments

Scorched Score (BMG PM)

Recorded with Budapest Scoring Orchestra

Across Oceans.jpeg

Across Oceans

Scorched Score (BMG PM)

Recorded with Budapest Scoring Orchestra


Regal Quartet

BMG Production Music

A regal and stately home album featuring live string quartet and solo oboe and Cor Anglais.


Happy Antics 2

Score Production Music

Circus Quirk! George was asked to contribute a handful of tracks to the Happy Antics series in the Score catalogue. Ranging from big orchestra to ukulele and solo trombone, but always with weird and wonderful percussion.


Pastoral Acoustics

BMG Production Music

Heart warming pastoral acoustic guitar and strings which transport you to the countryside or near the coast

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 10.41.42.png

Orchestral Christmas Classics

BMG Production Music

Big, symphonic, magical orchestrations of your favourite Christmas Carols.

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