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The Little Mermaid (2022-2023)

Additional Orchestrator & Score Reader

George was invited onto the music team by mentor Julian Kershaw (additional score, orchestrator, conductor) and assisted him and Mike Higham (additional score and music producer) in getting the project across the finish line. After orchestrating a handful of cues he was asked to attend all the scoring sessions as score reader ensuring the sessions ran as smoothly as possible. He was responsible for noting all edits to the scores.

Credits: Bio

Reliable Source Music   

Earth's Symphony (2023)


Recorded in Angel Studios with 30 strings and 8 woodwinds, George was asked to compose an album of 8 tracks for prodution music label Reliable Source Music. The album was recorded by Abbey Road Engineer Paul Pritchard and was mixed in The Front Room.

Credits: Bio

We Lost Our Human (2022)

Assistant Composer/Additional Music

Composer of the show Dave Newby reached out to George to assist him in programming and arranging/orchestrating his score for this epic interactive Netflix Special. With the viewer able to choose the fate of the storytelling, there of course was a lot of music for a lot of scenarios.

WLOH poster landscape_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Credits: Bio

Universal Production Music (2022)


George was asked to orchestrate and conduct for 2 days in RAK studio 1. The ensemble consisted of 12 strings and they recorded 2 albums in which he contributed 3 tracks.

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Credits: Bio
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